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Update - Oct. 2015
The "Wheel of Change Tarot" by Alexandra Genetti will be available again soon. We had expected to have the new card sets in October but it appears that it will be in the second half of November. The 78 paintings were begun in summer 1987, and ten years later the project was released by Inner Traditions/Bear of Vermont. Their boxed set featured the original deck as well as a 366 page book, including details of the symbolism in the cards and many historical insights into the Tarot and its relation to humanity and the natural world. After 12,000 sets were sold in two printings, the rights were returned to Alexandra in 2013. We will be re-releasing the deck and book separately in a self-published edition. The cards will be on higher quality cardstock than the original, and the "Color Wheel Card" will be featured on the back of each card (this was the original idea, but instead it was previously included as a 79th card in the deck). The book will be available as a Print-On-Demand printed version, and also as an e-Book. We will have a completely new website as well. Thanks for your patience.

There are over twenty images from the deck here on this site, as well as sample explanations from the book and an outline of structures and features. For more information on the Wheel of Change Tarot start here.

* Online Ordering - we still have the Flowers of Life Tarot by Cerrithwen Genetti as well as the CD by Stone Circle.

Maninni II Collaborative Tarot: Over 30 members of the Tarot-L listserv group worked on this project, which was finished in June 1999. If you would like to see Alexandra's cards for this project proceed to our Maninni II page.

Hex Signs: Alexandra has been painting symbolic Hex Signs, in the Pennsylvania Dutch style. Check out our Hex Sign page for information.

Contact us: if you'd like to be on our mailing list or if you have any specific questions for us then email us at

   The Jumbledance Tarot was created by Alexandra in summer 1998. It consists of 78 card-sized collages, and was inspired by a June '98 workshop with Arnell Ando (creator of Transformational Tarot -- see our links page for information) at that summer's ATA convention in Denver. We have the entire Major Arcana and 17 of the Minor Arcana here on our site -- check it out!

The Flowers of Life Tarot was created by our daughter Cerrithwen for her senior Waldorf high school project. She has done an entire collage major arcana, and written a small booklet to accompany the cards. If you would like to see a couple of the Flowers of Life cards there is a wonderful review by Paula Gibby you can check out. (We are offering limited edition hand-made copies of this deck -- see our ordering page. for details).

Hand colored decks: Alexandra has been giving workshops on creating your own Tarot deck, and/or coloring an existing black and white deck. She has primarily been using the Italian Giovanni Vacchetta deck from 1893, and the Pamela Coleman Smith deck (commonly known as "Rider-Waite") for coloring. There are numerous examples of her hand colored versions of these on this site!

Stone Circle: Also available from Color Wheel Creations is "Great Dreams", the 1997 album by Stone Circle with cover artwork by Alexandra - Celtic & American folk music from Ken Genetti and friends, including, Hammered Dulcimer, Accordion, Octave Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar and Vocals!

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